Friday, June 11


I am so very tired of researching, gathering info & preparing documents for...visas. I can't believe how incredibly lucky Jaime is for stumbling into a relationship with the most detail-controlling girl in North America. Twenty+ years of arranging my underwear drawer, organizing all documents on my computer meticulously, learning classical piano music note by note, etc, etc, have given me the life skills to prepare all the documentation for Jaime's upcoming visa to live in the US (you have to plan so far in advance that the visa prep comes before your decision on where to live & when to actually go). It's a long road that is not suited for the weak of heart.

Imagine that night when you need to finish your final exam that was "kindly" assigned as a 20-page essay. You're tired, bored, sick of the subject and just want to be done with it already. That's how I feel in this process. A fresh notebook and an extra fine black pen usually get me excited to organize and accomplish things - but I have them in front me and I just. don't. feel it.

I know that in the end all the temple rubbing and exuberant huffs of frustration will have been worthwhile. I suppose all the work could help me start a little consultation business...

Carrie's I-129F & I-134 Government Document Support Line · Paperwork & Emotional Support for anyone who's ballsy enough to do all this without an immigration lawyer.

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  1. sorry it's so hard love!! i'm here for all your venting needs :) and lucky Jaime better be buying you a nice...err...SOMEthing for all the hard work!!! ;)