Monday, July 9

hurry up, wait, hurry up!, wait...

Who loves life's cycles of extreme boredom/relaxation and then craaaazy busyness?! That's been the story of my recent life. Three weeks of vacation pre-move spent with my favorite people just hangin' out! Then PACK UP and DRIVE TO TEXAS! Then get to Texas and job search, drive around, watch the food network, sleep in because you know you have nothing planned for the day... Then interview here, get a waitressing job there, schedule another interview, memorize THE MENU...

My increasing work load (memorizing abbreviations for 100 menu items, researching how to do bank reconciliations before my other interview tomorrow) has caught me a little off guard since there's been ample free time lately. But I'm remembering that I'm a person who does better with MORE to do rather than not enough to do. So I'm bring back my college-style memorizing skills to get this done. Hopefully I've still got it in me! 

Here's where I'll be showing off my fancy acronyms and menu knowledge...Houston's Restaurant  I promise to post a picture of my lovely work getup. Why do restaurants always make females wear some sort of tie?! (first waitressing gig - black bow tie with white tuxedo shirt, this time - black tie with black button up) Whatever - I'm just grateful to have something to leave the house for and that I met a sweet Michigan native (and a fellow Houston newcomer) on my first day of training!

Sunday, July 1

tex mex

Hey there - remember me?  I'm that girl from Wisconsin who married a Mexican...ringing a bell?  Well I'm here to say - we moved to Texas.  We stuffed all of our stuff into our lil' jetta and just drove south.  Quite crazy ( knew that was important...) but quite necessary (dark at 4pm, really winter?! you're not helping a new resident to NOT be bummed about moving away from his peeps).

If you're curious - this is what it looks like to be nutty, irresponsible, adventurous people:

"Hi, Mom!!"

Happy to report that we made it 21 hours sitting next to each other in the car!  That's some kinda relationship test.  Since we've been here we've gotten some things simmering as far as jobs and apartments go...but I'll come back with the real details once that's all finalized. 

Wishing I were enjoying a beautiful summer with you - but come cold weather...I know you'll be down here to visit!!  XOXO

Monday, November 21

broken heart

Just wanted to say hello and share two of my fav songs (Pete Yorn...always, La the moment).  I find it very interesting about myself that I enjoy listening to songs about heartbreak. You would think I've had a traumatic love life (in highschool I had Fiona Apple's Tidal CD memorized and constantly blasting in my jetta). But things haven't been that complicated.

Thursday, November 10

my mexican

Would you like to know what it’s like and how to be married to a Mexican?  My tell-all experience follows… (“tell-all”, it’s like a People Magazine special!) 

Disclaimer: I only have nine months of experience.