Tuesday, June 29

ciudad juarez

Remember this depressing post about visa papers? I'm even more disheartened as I contemplate Jaime's upcoming journey to Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua. Imagine one the most dangerous cities in Mexico. Imagine that border town that you hear about on the news. That's where he's going. 

I'm not sure why the US needs to take such extreme measures (charging you 1000's of $$ and making you fly into drug war zone) for this whole visa process. Is this just normal procedure or is this some sort of test to see if Jaim & I love each other enough? It's enough to make me want to move to Puebla and get a job at their Volkswagen factory (love those jettas).  
But determination to get up north and freeze our butts off in a Wisco winter will get us through this ordeal... Alright - I suppose that's enough melancholy sassiness for one day. When Jaime has his US passport and when he's able to stand in the "US Citizen" line with me after flying back from visiting his family in Mexico... it WILL all be worth it.    

Tell me everything's gonna be ok?

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  1. Everything is going to be OK! You two are some of the most determined people I know and all the hoop-jumping will soon be a sweet memory. You'll think..."remember when we had to do all of those crazy things just to be together? Wow, was it ever worth it!" Miss you, let's talk soon. (I'm off Friday)