Friday, September 10

dripping deliciousness

Cut, align, glue, cut, align, glue times 10,000 (more or less) to make invites can really wear a girl out. It was time for a break. What better way than to sink my teeth into a sweet, chilled mango. I go for the little yellow ones that you can peel like a banana...
I dove into it with half my body leaning over the sink to catch the drips. I think I have mango juice on half my forearm (thought I washed better) and I need to floss my teeth - but man, was it worth it! Try these mini mangos if you don't like the cat-tongue texture of their big sister green/red mangos. Try these mangos to transport yourself to Mexico, close to me!  ;)  

Thursday, September 9

work it

If I can do this...
I think I could learn to do this...
After a bit of deliberation, I've decided that a 12 hours per day, 6.5 days per week, month-long yoga teacher training class is a wonderfully insane idea. 

I dabbled in yoga videos a few years ago, took a few classes in Milwaukee and then got serious in Cuernavaca. It all started because two fellow English teachers went to a yoga class here. I was new in town and was looking for friends. So I asked them if I could tag along one day. My friend fishing ploy worked (haHA!) and I found a wonderful place to cool down amidst the aggressive traffic, occasional cat calls and other Mexican frustrations.

The fun starts October 4th at 6:30 am - wish me luck!!

Thursday, September 2

impossible to put a title on this one


This feeling is worth all the $$ and time we've spent on this process - and then some! I'd like to thank Julie for listening to my initial screams of excitement when I read Jaime's text from Juarez (we happened to be chatting on Skype, poor girl) & to Justin Bieber for helping me perform my victory dance. :D