Monday, November 21

broken heart

Just wanted to say hello and share two of my fav songs (Pete Yorn...always, La the moment).  I find it very interesting about myself that I enjoy listening to songs about heartbreak. You would think I've had a traumatic love life (in highschool I had Fiona Apple's Tidal CD memorized and constantly blasting in my jetta). But things haven't been that complicated.

Thursday, November 10

my mexican

Would you like to know what it’s like and how to be married to a Mexican?  My tell-all experience follows… (“tell-all”, it’s like a People Magazine special!) 

Disclaimer: I only have nine months of experience.

Wednesday, November 2

missing mex

Day Of The Dead

Happy Dia de Muertos!

Although I am loving the fall weather and love being in Milwaukee - I miss days like today in Mexico. The culture and traditions infuse the whole day with excitement and touristy awe.  I'm missing out on delicious gorditas and impressive offerings to the dead.  Boo hoo!