Tuesday, June 22

la copa del mundo

I'm sitting among four true blue Mexican soccer fans and there's a lot of yelling at the TV, grumbling about the goalie, and analyzation about Mexico's next step ("they're going to be very disillusioned going against Argentina if they can't beat Uruguay...").  

The most interesting thing I've learned today watching this game has been all of the nicknames that Mexico gives their players:

Chicharito - "little pea"
Cuautemoc - an Aztec emperor
El Conejo - "the bunny"  

It's pretty hilarious - for me at least. They yell at Chicharito as if it were his real name...but I always imagine the vegetable and just snicker a little bit to myself. I asked Jaime if they call him that because he has a round little head - he wasn't sure. What do you think?
Another question - does anyone in the US care about the World Cup? Is anybody watching? We seem to be the only country that doesn't shut down when the games come on...


  1. That's when you can see Americans doing their shopping happily, in an empty city.

  2. I CARE!!!! I will be listening/watching the US beat Algeria tomorrow while also doing some sort of work :) see what you missed in HS carrie?? Coulda come to aallllll my games ;)