Monday, November 21

broken heart

Just wanted to say hello and share two of my fav songs (Pete Yorn...always, La the moment).  I find it very interesting about myself that I enjoy listening to songs about heartbreak. You would think I've had a traumatic love life (in highschool I had Fiona Apple's Tidal CD memorized and constantly blasting in my jetta). But things haven't been that complicated.

So the only thing I can think of is that a break up or a love disappointment is one of those times to tell yourself that you deserve the best. It's a raw, sad, angry time which is one of the greatest moments to build yourself up. And I love to love myself (even if I'm not always awesome at it). My usual process is - let out the sadness...

and then get MAD!!

What do you think? Am I weird or onto something??

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