Sunday, July 1

tex mex

Hey there - remember me?  I'm that girl from Wisconsin who married a Mexican...ringing a bell?  Well I'm here to say - we moved to Texas.  We stuffed all of our stuff into our lil' jetta and just drove south.  Quite crazy ( knew that was important...) but quite necessary (dark at 4pm, really winter?! you're not helping a new resident to NOT be bummed about moving away from his peeps).

If you're curious - this is what it looks like to be nutty, irresponsible, adventurous people:

"Hi, Mom!!"

Happy to report that we made it 21 hours sitting next to each other in the car!  That's some kinda relationship test.  Since we've been here we've gotten some things simmering as far as jobs and apartments go...but I'll come back with the real details once that's all finalized. 

Wishing I were enjoying a beautiful summer with you - but come cold weather...I know you'll be down here to visit!!  XOXO

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