Wednesday, November 2

missing mex

Day Of The Dead

Happy Dia de Muertos!

Although I am loving the fall weather and love being in Milwaukee - I miss days like today in Mexico. The culture and traditions infuse the whole day with excitement and touristy awe.  I'm missing out on delicious gorditas and impressive offerings to the dead.  Boo hoo! 

I took Jaime to our favorite restaurant/grocery store - El Rey - last night...thinking we could experience Dia de Muertos here. Although you do get transported south of the border with the Spanish, authentic cooking, and plethora of Mexican products on sale - it just isn't the same. I guess I'll just have to drown my sorrows in the best the US can offer - a tooth-decaying amount of Halloween candy at 50% off.

And my lovely mama-in-law celebrates her birthday today!! I bet that in Mexico being born on the Day of the Dead is good luck or something - I'll confirm that with Jaime later.  :) 
Mexican padres braving Wisco winter for our Jan wedding!

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