Saturday, August 7

get off the road!

We've all seen/hit/squashed a raccoon/armadillo/squirrel on the street, right? I have to raise my hand and cringe a little bit about the armadillo & squashed combo... Maybe you've even seen a deer or a bear!! But one thing I don't understand is whhhhhy someone would let their domesticated animal wander near or ON the street. Exhibit 1: 
This little guy was taking a stroll on the exit ramp near where Jaime had to park his overheating truck on the way to Acapulco when Alicia & Dustin were visiting (sorry again about that guys). We were walking (on the highway as well...oops) to get to the bus stop close by and caught a glimpse of this donkey that Alicia decided to name Jose (or some other stereotypical Mexican name). Luckily he was clever enough to hop back to be with his buddy. We anxiously anticipated that four-legged hurdle - he nailed it!
Exhibit 2: Horse family having a snack on the rural highway to Tepoztlan. I can't believe mama caballo would allow her bebĂ© so close to the street - that's just plain irresponsible. Don't tell Jaime that I told you - but when he was a teenager, he and his friends were going to Tepoz and in the midst of navigating those curvy Mexican roads...he clipped a horse! Can you imagine!? Luckily (for Jaime's extra-sensitive conscience) the horse survived. Phew!
When I told Jaime that I wanted to take pictures of these horses to write about it  - he told me, "all you do is find weird things about Mexico to put on your want to tell the world how crazy you think we are". I guess he has a point - I do write about things that make me go, "seriously!?"...I'll try to be more positive next time. But come on - this is a little nuts, right?  :D 


  1. oh my, that donkey is the cutest thing!

  2. You have documentation of something you saw. It's not negative or positive or crazy, it just is. . .
    I enjoyed the pictures and the story. Thanks for sharing. Tell Jaime there are a lot of things "weird" going on in the States too!