Sunday, May 23

tepoz love

Jaim & I spent a great afternoon in Tepoztlan yesterday - a small market town about 30 minutes from Cuernavaca.  Who's been there?  I ask because every visitor I've had so far has made the journey over to this little pueblo.  On the weekend - food, drink, artisan and (of course) ripped-off-brand-name-item booths pop up out of nowhere.  It's an explosion of bright jewelry, "Gucci" sunglasses, Micheladas and quesadillas galore.  Take a look at the fun we have here in Morelos...then book your ticket to come down and check it out!     

totally awesome wood carver booth
totally delicious, extra spicy Michelada
just strollin'

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  1. totally been there. loved it. minus that coconut. But loved the coconut seed rings. Could have def spent more time there!