Friday, August 13

buy me love

The Beatles are wrong - you can buy me love. I loved this morning and all it cost me was 20 pesos. After morning class, I walked over to Le Café du Monde and ordered my americano (make that twooo americanos...second one included in the price = bliss!). It's the perfect temperature of 22 degrees Celcius with the burny Mexican sun hiding behind a few gray clouds. To be honest - I think I love today because it feels like Wisconsin outside. I'm prancing around in jeans and a little cardigan in the open-air café while the barista is shivering in a fall jacket. 

Besides the perfectly gloomy $1.67 investment has allowed me to plug in my faithful iBook, sit down, sip espresso and...

*listen to music varying from Lady Gaga to Fanny Lú
*finalize plans for visiting friends
*reconnect with other friends
*finish some visa preparations to help me relax about this awful process
*check my favorite blogs
*look at flights to visit home...

I guess I should stop complaining about having too much free time - there's no excuse to take a relaxing morning with all of these little accomplishments for granted. 

1 comment:

  1. A wonderful collection of treasures - I can relate to the possibilities of coffee and computers. And, working in a science lab, I can relate to 22 degrees Celsius too. (: