Thursday, May 6

you say chamoyada, i say michelada

If you haven't hear me complain about it's hot here. Yes, hace muchisisísmo calor. For me at least, Miss Wisco 1984, it's quite awful to head to school for my 8am class in 80 degree weather (that will become 95 by 10am). My solution - put up with it/sweat/seek shade at all times.  Aaaaand - end a long day with a cold beer. You can get a bottle of Corona for 9 pesos (75¢) at a little convenience store - delicious and economical! It's not surprising that Mexicans have a plethora of variations on a simple glass of beer.  

You have the classic lime & salt combo of course...I recommend extra citrus with only a dash of salt to combat any limey bitterness.  However, let's get serious and talk about any Mexican's favorite thing besides beer - chile.  Chile powder on mangos, three types of chile peppers for your's a scary obsession they have...and it's contagious.  I've been pushed over the salsa-lovin' edge by the following beverage:
Technically it's called a Chamoyada, but we call it Michelada...and it. is. amazing.  Here's how to make it happen.  Get to your local Mexican grocer (you have one, riiiight?) and pick up: Mexy beer, chamoy sauce, chamoy powder, those baby limes, salt, & banderilla candy.  
Coat the rim of your glass with some sweet & spicy chamoy powder (use a little lime juice to get it to stick).
Add two tablespoons of your chamoy sauce, the juice of one little lime, and a pinch of salt.  
Stir the ingredients un poquito & then pour, baby, pour. 
You'll have a lovely, crisp, delicious, sweet & slightly spicy concoction that's perfect to wind down another hot, south-of-the-border type of day.  The picante tamarind candy is mostly just for show but it does make for a handy straw for anyone (see subject below) who likes to gulp their spiced-up beer.
Let me know if you're brave enough to give a Michelada a try!  
Anyone think they have a recipe that can top this Mexican delicacy?

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