Monday, May 3

tribute to rompope

If you think that eggnog is only for should chat with a savvy Mexican about rompope.  This delicious drink, with the consistency of thin pudding, is (in my opinion) the Mexy version of eggnog and is something that you can drink all year long.  Before bed, after a yummy breakfast of empanadas (another post altogether), afternoon snack, whenever the craving strikes!  Que delicioooooso!  Rompope is on my mind because I just got back from a weekend in Arcelia, Guerrero (Jaime's home pueblo).  Every time we're there, Jaime's Aunt Yolanda (aka Mamá Yola) has a styrofoam liter of rompope in the fridge for us!! 

There are legendary rompope makers in Arcelia (a small town where everybody knows everybody's business).  There's the sassy lady who sells her creamy drink for 150 pesos per liter ($12) - escandaloso!  But then there's trusty Don Agapito who will stop by your house with his cart and sell you a liter for a measly 30 pesos (roughly $3).  
I asked Don Agapito if I could take a quick picture (had to document this adorable g-pa) and he started being cute, asking us how should adjust his hat.  To the side is one look; if he tilts is back...totally different look.  He chose to angle it to the right and put on a serious face for his blog fame.

Now, I am not usually the type of person who eats/drinks things off carts on the street (tacos, fruit, churros...) but for rompope I make an exception.  You got to to be able to enjoy this homemade cup of goodness.  In Arcelia, they like to add some jello to the mix (which you can get from Don Agapito for the equivalent of 25 cents).     
Jaime's mom - or Mamá Yadi as she has me call her - said she used to make rompope and promised me that we'd try to make it one of these days.  So hopefully I'll be able to share the full recipe and preparation techniques with ya'll so that you won't have to travel to dusty Arcelia to taste this Mexican wonder.  One cup and you'll never go back to eggnog from a milk carton - guaranteed!  


  1. Dustin says that it's a tall order for him to not drink eggnog from the carton he is up to your challenge for making rompope. :) we look forward to trying it! and I want to meet Don Agapito! que adorable!

  2. i've found that road-side food/produce is much better than that in stores. but this is tampa, and people hold "garage sales" on street corners.
    sounds like you're making quite the life for yourself, carrie.
    maybe we can trade some home-made kahula for your pseudo-egg nog. i don't drink, but i'm sure i can find a willing soul!

  3. Mama says, "Beware of food from street carts!" (Although even I would make an exception for rompope--it does look delicious). Learn the recipe so we can try it up north.

    Muchos abrazos!