Friday, March 4

livin' the dream

Well – here we are. Married. It was beauty among controlled chaos. And now we have the rest of our lives ahead of us. What a wonderful feeling. Thank goodness I was able to “love and leave” the wedding. I don’t miss planning or thinking about walking down the aisle, etc. It was for me the perfect mix of “I’m so excited!” and “I’m so happy this is done.” Some exceptional moments include Jaime’s loud and proud vows in Spanish, snuggling in for our first dance, enjoying the company of so many beloved people, and escaping from the ceremony.

As we settle into Milwaukee, there are many new challenges (or as I like to call them, “adventures”) but the exceptional moments continue. Learning more about each other is a daily adventure and vocation. Sharing a little house, car, bank account, and everything else proves our patience and flexibility. The special thing about being newlyweds must be that you’re able to twist things around and make everything kind of beautiful. Waking Jaime up so he can drive me to work is quality time in the morning, not an inconvenience. Washing dishes is a way to say I love you, not a chore. Not having tons of money makes us appreciate everything, not wish for more.

The sad thing is that this optimism and appreciation very commonly dies, crashes and burns, and disappears forever. I don’t know how or why…but it’s LAME. Being newly married doesn’t automatically make us happy and enamored (that’s been proven a few times already). But being conscious of our blessings and interested in each other does. So I am going to wake up every morning and remind myself why I am where I am and why I chose Jaime. It’s my decision if I want to be my best self and to show care. And I have to believe that if I make today count, I can make tomorrow count too…and life can be full of joy and gratitude.

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