Thursday, November 18

seasonal depression

I think I have opposite seasonal depression. I miss the cold. I miss the changing climate (and NO, Mexico...65º morning weather instead of 80º mornings is not a real change). I miss the exciting connection of colorful leaves! then snow! then holidays!

After almost a year and a half in Cuernavaca - I can tell the difference between the sweltering August and the cool-ish November. However, the subtle changes don't orient me. They don't help me realize & get excited that Thanksgiving is right around the corner!! And they don't inspire me to listen to Christmas music, decorate a tree, bake cookies and all those most amazing winter activities. Boo!

So this post is basically to complain - but help! What can I do? Frost the windows with white spray (isn't that what Uncle Jesse did in Full House?)... Maybe I can wear scarves even if they make me sweat a little bit? Or maybe...I could just enjoy this "niiiice" weather while you really enjoy your "nice" weather (grass always greener and all that). I have to keep reminding myself to think like a yogi and to relish the moment and to not think about all the other things that I would like better! Ho hum - I guess this will be my task for the next few weeks. Because I'm going to less than two months I'll be shivering and whimpering in the freezing Wisco weather reminiscing about Mexico, oh Mexico!

Seriously though - how can I turn this into Thanksgiving?

And this into Christmas??

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  1. want me to send pictures of how much snow we get and me struggling to shovel it? or just me freezing in general? because I can. and then you'll be happy your toasty little self is still able to get a tan if desired! so yes! enjoy whilst you can! because SOON YOU WILL BE HERE!