Sunday, October 17

get out of my head!

Another yoga reflection of the week...mind games. Does any of this sound familiar?

She's prettier than me. Crying is for babies. Showing emotion is a weakness. I look gooood today. I look gross today! I feel guilty for eating that brownie. I want to have a body like her. I wish my clothes were cooler. He has a better job than me. She's smarter than me. Why can't I be more popular? I need to go tanning. I need to achieve more. Why don't I have my life plan set? I should have a better job by now. I should have more money by now. I should be married by now. I should have kids by now.  

Who says our mind (aka our upbringing + societal influence + culture + life experiences) is in charge of deciding how we feel today and if we're on the right track? What is the "perfect body"? What is the "right job"? What are "real achievements"?

If your answers are any of the following...we've got some work to do... 
There's something deep down inside of us that says - THIS WORLD IS BOGUS! There's a part of us that just wants to love and accept every part of ourselves (no matter if society says that part isn't "good" or "good enough"). How can we let that element of ourselves guide us to self love? 

I feel like it's as very easy and as extremely hard as looking deep, listening and believing.    

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  1. sounds like your on a great spiritual journey, sister! i'll have to forward you an article in U.S. Catholic entitled "Om-Schooled" about yoga meditation and Catholic're likely on that path to achieving balance in body, mind and spirit! many prayers and blessings for the rest of your training!!!