Tuesday, July 20

to-do list

I may have mentioned it before - but I have lots of free time down here in Cuernavaca. Classes get me up early only to end an hour and a half later (and don't resume until 7pm) - leaving me dressed, ready to be productive, and with nowhere to go at times. I've made it this long (because I'm not one to NOT be productive...I'm a list-checker type of gal) because of Jaime, coffee dates with friends, yoga classes, and online research about visas/wedding vendors. But lately I've felt that I need to spice it up. And while I'm in Mexico where everything is 5x less expensive...I need to take full advantage (eg. I pay 40 pesos - $3.33 per 1-hour yoga class)!!

Help me decide what to do next:

a. get my certification to be a yoga instructor 
b. take a class to learn how to sew clothes (I've accepted that I can't just make it up)
c. learn how to weave baskets out of palm from the artisans in the market
d. watch Jaime's mom cook and post all of her recipes on my blog
e. learn another skill that you recommend...
f. all of the above


  1. yoga instructor all the way dude! (and all of the above ;)

  2. sewing clothes! it's such a lost art... and photography, document that lovely place! hope you are well : )

  3. i think you should take up painting baby chicks...
    or yoga instructor, that'd be way cool!

  4. yogggaaaaaaaaaa. you can practice your classes with me and i'll re-learn spanish at the same time so it will be great! except then you'll be a yoga master. and i'm not sure you should have that much power... :) :)

    maybe a rompope taste-tester? xo!

  5. Yoga is a pretty great idea...but you're gonna need good food in your belly to have energy for that kinda workout...so I say yoga AND cooking with Mama Todd!